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JIEDDO Counter-IED Culvert Challenge

A Terra Harvest (TH) based data collection system will be available to collect and display sensor data for the JIEDDO Counter-IED Culvert Challenge. The preferred data format for this exercise is the Terra Harvest data model. The TH data model is a set of XML schemas that define a standardized representation for sensor reports such as line-of-bearing. The exercise is focused on sensor performance rather than communications. For purposes of the exercise, connections to the Terra Harvest data collection system will be by hardwired Ethernet, and the participants may provide an intermediate device (e.g. laptop computer) to format sensor reports. This will minimize the integration effort and possible difficulties associated with radio communications. Participants may push data to the collection system by sending TH XML messages using a simple TCP-based protocol, and such data will be displayed in the COP or other monitoring sites. To request a copy of the TH data model schemas and the associated protocol specification please click on the link below.

ARL requests sample TH XML data files for integration testing at least two weeks prior to the start of the exercise.

*Note. Integration at the data model level does not establish full TH architectural compliance. At some future time, if a vendor wants to make their sensor TH-compliant, they will need to provide hardware connection to a TH controller, and develop a Java-based plug-in (driver) to command and control their sensor using the TH controller architecture.

To request a copy of the XML Observation Schema send an email to: usarmy.adelphi.arl.list.terraharvest-request@mail.mil


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