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What will this portal do for me?

News will be one of the main applications of the portal.  Often, finding information on the internet can be highly fragmented, inconsistent and time consuming.  The portal will aim to present a single gateway to all information and events.

In addition, the portal will offer links to other helpful information and a special repository for more specific Terra Harvestinformation.  This repository will require registration through Forge.mil using either a CAC card or ECA certification with government sponsor.

How do I register for repository access?

There will be two levels of access available through Forge.mil.  BOTH require registration through www.Forge.mil.  Once you are registered with Forge.mil, you will receive an email with the Software Forge and Project Forge links.  You must log in to both sites before you can be added to any projects.

There is a Terra Harvest project on SoftwareForge that we will be using to circulate draft documents and the like to the larger DoD community for comments. This project is public so you can search for it and request to join.  The ProjectForge project is hidden and doesn't show up in searches, so once you have logged into Project Forge you can manually request access to the TerraHarvest site.

If you already have a CAC, click on the How can I get access to Forge.mil (CAC users)?  found in the left hand navigation bar.  Or follow the procedures below:

 If you cannot apply for a CAC card, registration will require an ECA with a government sponsor.  Click on the How can I get access to Forge.mil (ECA Certificate users)?  in the left hand navigation bar of the Forge.mil website.

What is an ECA?

Forge accounts require either a CAC card or PKI certificate issued by a DoD approved External Certificate Authority (ECA).   ECA Certificates are obtained directly from approved vendors. You may purchase an ECA Certificate from:

  • Operational Research Consultants, Inc. (ORC)
    Email: ecahelp@orc.com
    Phone: 800.816.5548
  • Verisign, Inc.
    Email: eca-support@verisign.com
    Phone: 650.426.3224
  • IdenTrust, Inc. (formerly DST)
    Email: helpdesk@identrust.com
    Phone: 888.882.1104
How do I get access using my ECA certificate?

To gain access using an ECA Certificate, use the following steps

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