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The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is developing Terra Harvest, an open, integrated battlefield unattended ground sensors (UGS) architecture that will employ multiple, flexible sensors via standards-based integration. The Terra Harvest open architecture separates the UGS system into fundamental components and standardizes internal and external interfaces to optimize interoperability. Other acquisition programs can take advantage of this open architecture to meet challenging mission requirements

DIA started the Terra Harvest program to examine current UGS designs, develop open architecture components, and ensure that these components are both reproducible and interoperable. Accordingly, Terra Harvest is developing an open UGS architecture, reference implementations of an UGS controller, asset plug-ins, and graphical user interfaces to support DIA’s persistent surveillance collection missions. The key to success in these development efforts is Terra Harvest’s focus on an open, plug-and-play approach that enhances flexibility and interoperability for both future and legacy UGS systems.


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Terra Harvest Repository Information

    Under Construction - The repository will contain standards documents and software to be uploaded and shared. Registration will be required for access. See the FAQs for more detailed information.
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